Mulligan: So, when do I get to go back to work?
Koto: The moment you walk out that door. — Burning Woman

Punch Drunk is the 6th episode of the first season of the Murder in the First TV Show. Erich Blunt murder case continues and after six months the court starts to hear witness. Terry is approached by Hildy's ex-husband, which make him struggle with his own remorse.

Synopsis Edit

The action is moved six months later and as Erichs trial continues, he gets more nervous about it. Also the first witnesses are summoned to the court.

Terry English turns out to be the first one to stand before the jury. Warren, the criminal lawyer of Erich Blunt, cleverly draw forths detective English disbelief in Erichs innocence. Terry states that Erich is a common denominator in both deaths, therefore clearly showing that he is biased about Blunt guilt.

Next witness, dr Burnside, a forensic doctor starts his hearing with a simulation showing the probable course of events, which led him to belive that the cas was a murder. Whats more he states that depending on many factors he can put the time of death between 8:30 and 9:00 PM, which is successfully challanged by Warren in further questioning.

Dr. Gibbs as a next witness with great precision states that Erich Blunt had ejaculated into the victim's mouth just 15 minutes before her death. Erich's counselor tries to discredit doctor as person using his intelligence and sense of humour, accomplishing nothing.

Terry gets into a bar fight, and knockouts two thugs looking for a fight. Later, Hildy will talk with him, noticing that recently he has become quick with his hands. Reminding him of a drunk fight with her ex husband two years ago, and recent Chris Walton interrogation.

Hildy's ex husband contacts her and then Terry so he can proceed with his next A.A. step, namely giving amends. He sees English and apologize for his behaviour during their drunk fight, reminded to Terry by Hildy recently, explaining reasoning behind his actions. Terry accepts the amend, but also feels remorse after hearing the story.

Meanwhile Wilkersons are having a divorce counseling, during which David Hertzberg notices that Barbara had as much motive to kill Cindy Strauss as other suspects. The meeting ends up in quarrel and a fight between spouses, finished with Barbara being knock out by Bill Wilkerson.

Terry moved by Hildy's husband apologies decides to visit a prison and talk out with Chris Walton, an apologize for beating him up during an interrogation phase. Chris surprised by his actions responds truthfully to English questions, confirming that he didn't kill Kevin Neyers.

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